Thomas Nölle
En passant

Puxagallery, Madrid – 6.02 – 28.03.2020

(versión en español)

Thomas Nölle, L'amour, 2013. Photography. Light Box, 84,1 x 59,4 cm.

Thomas Nölle, L'amour, 2013. Photography. Light Box, 84,1 x 59,4 cm.

The exhibition entitled En passant presents thematic groups that synthesize the usual issues in Thomas Nölle's works, linked to fragility, fragmentation and the relationship of human beings with the environment and nature. Produced expressly for the occasion, the show is composed of photographic works in light box format from four series: Frozen Time (Still Life) (2010); Singular Things (2012), of which he also presents the video art work Tour en l'air - La vie en rose (2012); En passant (which gives the show its title), and his series on the relationship between observer and works of art, such as Lautrec in Mind (2019), Rubens in Mind (2018), Abbott in Mind (2019). In addition, he presents graphic work from the Wunderwelt series (2005/2019) and two photoperformance triptychs Into Nature, related to the project that Thomas Nölle is exhibiting, on the same dates, at the Casa de América in Madrid on the historical black and white photographic production of his South American journey between 1979 and 1981.

The conceptual link between all the exhibited works is based on the concepts of fragmentation and fusion: the fragmentation of memory, knowledge, reality, history, geography, of the relationship between human beings and nature, and of the dialogue between artwork and observer. As Nölle states in her interview published in the catalogue: "These works are also a metaphor for what happens in our lives. We are continuously 'crossed' by images of 'reality' that affect us, transform us, and many times we understand only partially, fragmentarily their real meanings, or we give them another connotation that has more to do with our way of thinking and feeling." In this context, occurs the fusion between observer and observed object.

A small catalogue is published.